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Our office will be closed tomorrow, Saturday March 21st. Please leave a message for the nurse if you have questions, she will be checking the nurse voicemail from 9am-noon. Also, since we are finishing up early FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A MESSAGE ON THE NURSE LINE during normal business hours. They are checking and returning calls hourly. As always, page the Doctor after hours for emergent issues. Stay healthy everyone!


COVID-19 Scheduling Update 3/16/2020:

-All Well Child Exams will be moved to morning hours 8am-1pm. If you have an appointment later than that, please allow us to reschedule. We will be making calls today.

-All sick visits will be screened by our front desk and nursing staff. Please be patient as we attempt to call everyone back. Our phone is very busy this morning, so please be patient.

-All sick visits will be seen after 1pm.

-We have removed all books from the waiting room and will be sanitizing the waiting room after the morning Well Child rush and every evening after our sick visits. All individual rooms are cleaned after each patient.

-If possible, ONE adult per child please. Please do your best to leave siblings at home, or in the car with another adult.

Finally, we encourage you to practice social distancing by remaining AT HOME if your child has mild symptoms such as low grade fever and cough with NO symptoms of respiratory distress. Treat the symptoms with Tylenol/Motrin, lots of fluids and rest. We CANNOT test for COVID-19 in our office. Please call if you have any questions or need further instructions. We are here to help!


With confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Wayne & Oakland counties, what should you do?

1) Don't panic! There is no reason to stockpile tons of food, masks etc. Make sure you have enough of your prescription medication for 1-2 weeks. Make sure you have some over the counter medication like ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Have 1-2 weeks of the food you normally eat.

2) Don't rush to the ER, urgent care or our office for a test. TESTS ARE NOT WIDELY AVAILABLE AND ONLY VERY SPECIFIC CASES ARE BEING TESTED. If you have mild symptoms, stay out of the ER - otherwise it makes the wait longer for those who are truly sick and you risk catching something more serious while you wait!

3) Continue all the things you've already been doing - wash your hands, don't touch your face, avoid large gatherings of people - order groceries online, go through pharmacy drive thru, watch church services online, especially if you are high risk.

4) If you or your child is sick - STAY HOME. Don't go back to work or school until you are fever free for 24 hrs or as directed by your doctor.

** If you or your child have mild cold symptoms, no travel history, no close contact with coronavirus - treat the cold symptoms as you normally would

**If you or your child have fever and cough, but no travel history and no close contact with coronavirus - treat your symptoms and call your doctor for an appt

**If you or your child have fever, cough and DO have travel history or a close contact with coronavirus (close contacts are usually household members and those who were within 6 ft of an infected person for a prolonged period of time - the health dept will be tracking down the close contacts and informing you), call your doctor or the health department for further guidance. Do not just show up to the ER, urgent care or doctor's office if you are NOT experiencing severe symptoms like shortness of breath.

**If you or your child have fever, cough, AND shortness of breath or difficulty breathing - call an ambulance or go to the closest emergency room. If you also have a history of travel or a close contact with coronavirus, call the ER and let them know you are coming so that the medical team can be prepared.

Bottom line - if you are sick enough that you would normally go to the ER, then go. If you are not sick enough to be in the hospital, stay out of the ER.

These are general guidelines. Call us if you need further guidance on your situation. We will be available to help triage these situations. We will post as more information becomes available. Remember, TESTS ARE VERY LIMITED AND ONLY OFFERED IN SPECIFIC SITUATIONS. Wash your hands and use your best judgement regarding travel.


When dropping off any form (camp/sport/medication,etc.), please allow 3-5 business days for completion. If you need to pick up the form closer to the end of the day, please call the office as our hours may vary based on patient load.
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