If your child has Asthma, remember to schedule their Asthma Checks every 6 months!
Asthma is a chronic disease that causes inflammation (swelling) and closing of the airways.  The airways are tubes in your body connected to your lungs.  When your lungs are swollen, less are is free to travel in and out, causing wheezing and coughing.  Asthma also causes more mucus production in the lungs.  This also increases airway obstruction by making the lining of your airway less smooth.  All of this in combination can cause difficulty with breathing.  If your child has asthma, be sure to schedule your routine asthma evaluations with our office.  During these asthma checks, we will review your child's symptoms, medications, peak flow readings and perform a lung exam.  We will make any necessary changes in medication or asthma care at these appointments.  We should evaluate your asthmatic child every 6 months if he/she is doing well.