As Pediatricians, we practice preventative care through our well child examinations and will be seeing your child often as he/she grows.  During these visits, we will be discussing your child's growth and development, eating and bowel habits, sleeping patterns, your child's social interactions and school environment in addition to making sure your child is remaining physically active through sports or other extra-curricular activities.  Immunizations will also be given during these visits.  Well child examinations are an important part of establishing relationships with your children and your family, and we look forward to these visits.  You child's preventative care visits may include:

*Developmental Screenings:
-Ages & Stages Questionare for 2 months through 5 years
-Pediatrics Systems Checklists for 6 years through 12 years
These are loaded to your patient portal account when your schedule these well examinations.  Please log into the portal to complete these important development screens prior to your visit.  Your screen will be scored and uploaded to your child's chart automatically!
*Depression Screens yearly starting at 13 years old.  This is also sent to the patient portal so that your teen can complete them privately.  We will discuss these results at your preventative visit.
*Vision and hearing are standard at a 4 year examination.
-Vision is done yearly after this if you do not take your child to an optometrist routinely.  If you do, please let us know and we will skip this screening.
*Standard hemoglobin and lead check at 1 year.
*BMI (Body Mass Index) calculated for all children 2 years and older.
*Labwork for all children with BMI >85%
*Standard labs between 9-12 years of age.  We may request labs at other visits as well depending on medical issues.
*Urine will be screened on all children with BMI >85% for glucose, a diabetes screen.
*Urine may also be sent for STD's in teens.
*Standard vaccines are given at preventative exams as well.
*Growth tracked
*Vitals incluide Blood Pressure >2 years.
*Family history reviewed at all well child examinations.

These are just a handful of things that may be included in your preventative well child examination.  Be sure to write down any questions that you may have prior to your visit.  We look forward to these visits as this is an important aspect of maintaining healthy habits!